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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

With the help of what I am calling - blogging for dummies I was able to create this new look.

let me know what you think and you get help here
when I figure out how to do it I will put a little tag or something on my site somewhere where you and I can go to to regularly. There was a lot of information there. I was impressed I could figure it out so easily. :)

In the mean time Zach started drivers training today, no yesterday but Matt is away so I am only getting time now to blog about it~ he starts the on the road part tomorrow approximately 4:30, so pray for me and for him- he is acting all non chalant about it but it has got to be gut wrenching, or is that only moms?


Russ and Karla Patterson said...

Love the new site - much faster to load up. Will have to give it a try - in my spare time. ;-)

My experience says that you will remain nervous - and Zach will do great! Worked that way in our house - I was always a wreck if I had to drive with them and they always did a good job!

Hugs and Prayers!

Halls said...

He will do fine. I did the same thing with Robert...fretted and worried and he has been a good driver so far. It is hard to see our children grow up just set standards for him as you always have because let me tell you it does get harder as they get older when you have to let go and let GOD!!!! and that is hard thing for some of us moms. Soon Robert will be 18 and he can leave home without our permission...ugghh but it may be a good experience for him at this point.

Doreen said...

Love the green, the red is alittle hard on the eyes! Where did you find all this spare time to do this? I am lucky I can blog once a week! Moving to Jersey has been a blessing as far as Drivers Ed goes. Peter passed the written, but cannot get behind the wheel till 16 and fully drive on his own till 18! YAHOO!!! Michigan starts them so young. NJ is very strict with the driving laws. If you are caught on your cell while driving,...$100 fine automatically!

Miss ya,

Doreen said...

Much better on the eyes...thanks!

Miss you guys.

Jocelyn said...

Hi, sorry took me long to add you on the directory. You should be up now. I promised myself this is going to get done today! :)
Have a nice Thursday! Jocelyn


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