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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Save $1.50 on Oust® Surface Disinfectant & Air Sanitizer Save $1.00 on Scrubbing Bubbles® Action Scrubber™ View this email online. Add to your address book.

Spring has arrived and there's no better time to get your home into tip-top shape. This month, we're featuring two new products for hassle-free spring cleaning.

New! Oust® Surface Disinfectant & Air SanitizerWhy use multiple products when you can use just one?
Kills greater than 99.9% of germs, including cold and flu viruses†, on hard, non-porous surfaces.
Eliminates odors by killing odor-causing bacteria in the air.
Your home will be rid of many germs and will smell clean and inviting. †See back label of product for details.Learn More
Spray it on hard surfaces and in the air! Use Oust® Surface Disinfectant & Air Sanitizer to disinfect hard surfaces, such as toilet seats and countertops. Spray it in the air to eliminate pesky odors by killing airborne odor-causing bacteria.

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New! Scrubbing Bubbles® Action Scrubber™ Tub and Shower CleanerPowerful cleaning with less scrubbing!
Tears through soap scum and grime—quickly and easily.
Cleaning pad is loaded with tiny scrubbing fibers and concentrated formula, eliminating the need for a separate bathroom cleaner.
No more spraying or messy sponge to store. Learn More
Use Scrubbing Bubbles® Action Scrubber™ to rip through tough soap scum and grime; then remove the Action Scrubber™ pad from the handle to clean and shine tight tub and shower spaces, such as corners and around fixtures.

Click here to print coupon.
*Offers redeemable only within the U.S.

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