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Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break....

The boys have been home since last Friday -
Matt has had jury duty Since last Tuesday-
Unfortunately that made it impossible for us to go away as a family for Spring break

but not impossible for the kiddos to enjoy their time off of school
Here is an account of what we have done so far:

Friday spent the afternoon shopping for Easter Clothes
okay it was a little late considering it was Good Friday but it was also a payday
See why we waited! We had a lite lunch at the mall food court and then took Zach to a friends so he could go to the movies, the rest of us met up with Dad at Kensington's main campus for their Good Friday service.

Saturday of course we spent coloring Easter Eggs. I took Micah to Tyler Millers house for an Easter Egg hunt, the older three do not seem to e into that any more But Micah enjoyed him self. You can see pictures from that event here.

Sunday it was back to Kensington for their Easter Celebration this time to the Clinton township campus and they did a fabulous job! For dinner mom made a great Ham thanks to the Honey Baked ham company.... it was a long time since we had one of those!

Lets see Monday we had a video game kind of day, and just plain vegged out at home but then Tuesday Zach had drivers training - Aaron and Noah went to crossroads youth group and then came home with a third child (how does that happen?) Ron came and spent the evening and the following day with Noah. There is a field in the back of our house and a small section of woods, the boys have created a little fort out there, Ron, Noah and Micah spent hours outside on Wednesday- by Thursday I found a cooler with snacks and juice boxes. It was very cute. Had it not been for Thursdays snow, they would have spent more time out there. Yes I said snow, can you believe we got another 3-5 inches, it is the end of March for goodness sake! It is not suppose to snow! Anyway Noah having a fried over then led into Zach having Steve and Nick over - which in turn led into Aaron having Joel and Tyler here right now- oh let me back up did you know that on Tuesdays at Beemerz it is 3 dollar game day? We played 10 games of Lazer tag for $30.00 it was nice since one game is usually 7 dollars- Tuesday we each played two games- except for dad- he is still on jury duty:(

So I have 4 of my own plus + 1 + 2 +2 = 10 ! Ten boys over the course of a week refrigerator is empty!

Micah is the only one who has not a friend over. It has not been for lack of trying. He has called his friend Scott a few times but they must be away. Normally he would call back in a heart beat but we have not heard from him yet. We might try bowling today, I don't know- 4 of 6 from last night are still sleeping:) maybe I will break out a puzzle - I have no pictures from any of these days but Zach did take the camera with him when he and his friends hit the Romeo Skate park ( a free skating zone in Romeo) maybe I will post some of those. What did you do for your break?

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