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Monday, November 13, 2006

Raking Leaves

After a pretty lousy fall as far as the weather goes
we happened to have a beautiful day last Sunday.
(okay so this post is a little late.....but after a few blogs
about Zach and Aaron I thoughtI better get something
up here about my younger two children.)
The weather was proabably close to 70 this day,
so it was the perfect day for cleaning up the yard
and getting ready for Mr. Winter. While mom was
busy taking in patio furniture and dad organizing the
garage, Noah and Micah took to trying to rake the leaves.
Now mind you we only have two very young trees in
the yard and they certainly do not produce many leaves,
the boys were intent on this job so they could then jump
in the pile. The above photos are the result of their endeavor.
It was fun while it lasted.

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TheGaffords said...

We could put those boys to work on Sarah street! Our realtor told us yesterday that our yard is plastered with leaves. Let us know if any of them are interrested in earning some extra cash...


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