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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Okay, so I know it is hard to look at but after one day this is what we've got. Surgery went well, the anesthesia was another story. He did not like it to much. Plus he is a lot more used to being on the other side of the bed visiting than in the bed being the patient. Something about a rain forest in Puerto Rico????? I am not sure you will have to ask him:)

The pain is not so bad today and he is trying to move around. It is proving to be a bit difficult due to the fact he can not put any weight on the knee for a week.

After the doctors actually go in to the knee there were lots of things to fix, ligaments on both the inside of the knee and the outside plus the meniscus and then broken cartilidge. It was a mess. It should be a good 9 months till he has full range of motion again. He has finally given up on the dream of being in the NBA :) unfortunately it comes at the time when Zach and Aaron are old enough and big enough to finally beat him on the court. Aaron made the 7th grade basketball team at RMS and Zach has tryouts for the high school team this week. There have been two days of cuts and so far so good...... Anyway thought I should update you about the knee......

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