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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Crosswalk Masquerade Pictures

Crosswalk is the name for our brand new youth group!
It Launched this past Sunday with a first annual
Masquerade party! Of course only a few teens dressed up
but for those that did there were prizes!

There were tournaments such as foosball,
ping pong and dance, dance revolution and
prizes from the local Hollywood Video and
Best Buy, Thanks Tracey for your donation!

This Scotland the Brave had a hard time fitting through
the door but took his costume off after a bit and it did not hinder
him the rest of the evening. You should have seen his backside:)

There were 35 kids in attendance and only about 9 of them had home churches! Pastor Matt thanked them for coming let them know about the launch of Crosswalk and told them to stay tuned! Many of them seemed interested

There was plenty of food, fun a soccer game and a bonfire, just about something for every one, although we have to do better in the Karaoke department. The microphone was MIA so we promise to remedy that situation for the next event!

Speaking of the next event; it looks like a Sunday afternoon of football. Check back soon for more details!

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