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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pre- Season Pistons

Our next door neighbors
The Ganfields, had tickets to
the last pre-season game last week
but due to their children's other activities
were unable to attend. They came over about
3 hours before the game and asked
if we wanted the tickets.

Now in a house of 4 boys and 2 parents
when you are given 4 tickets total:
what are you suppose to do?

Naturally 2 people had to stay home,
with moms work schedule she was the
first volunteer but which child would get left behind?

You guessed it, the baby......
so Micah and I stayed home while the older
boys enjoyed the game. Mom sent the camera
with the clan as they headed off to the game
these are the pictures that resulted of the guys
taking the camera without the photographer........
need I say more?

A few days later Zach got invited by another friend
to go to the first game of the regular season, he was
pumped.....The tickets were in the 6th row, (he had
never sat that close before) to bad the Pistons
lost, and bad: according to Zach.

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