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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Aaron is officially a teenager.......
can you believe it? We now have
two teenagers living in our house.

At 4:20 this afternoon, we officially
allowed him to call himself a teen.
I wanted him to be 12 for as
long as I could swing it. He did however
have a party on Friday with several
of his friends, with a bon fire, pizza,
Smores and a sleep over!

When he was born he weighed in at
7 pounds 6ounces 19 inches long.
Today he is 5 foot 7 maybe taller,
and 165 pounds. How it happened?
I have no idea!

He is loving playing football and yes!
still sleeps with that football in his arms.
who knows someday he may be playing
in the NFL. He was thrilled earlier this
summer when he got to go to Steeler
training camp with my uncles Keith and
Kevin, so who knows maybe someday he
will be a super bowl champion.
Today he is my champion! He is a great kid,
who loves life, Jesus, his family and his friends.
He makes sure to show it and tell you every day!

I tell him every day several times a day
how much I love him and very proud I am
to be his mom, but wanted to tell others on
this his special day!



1 comment:

Heather said...

i agree with your last sentence. Aaron is the best. He is really nice and cute. Can't forget funny. You have a real nice son.


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