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Friday, October 13, 2006

Believe it or not......

Zach gets a haircut

Okay, so here is how it happened.....

Zach gets home from school Wednesday and says.
"mom will you take me to get a haircut? "

Here is the dilemma, It is Wednesday, Shelley only does hair
Tuesday and Thursday, and generally not with out an appointment

two: Matt is not home he is picking Aaron up
from football practice and Noah and Micah are home
and can't be left by themselves.

I quick call Matt "hurry and get home Zach wants to get haircut"
He gets home as quick as possible and Zach and I are off....

You have to understand the last few times I have asked him to
get his haircut it has resulted in a battle and usually a few tears
even though it has only been an inch or two.

I still have not said anything a few inches is better than none.

I take him to grondins where his stylist is busy and can not take him but
he opts for the other girls whom we have never had before.
She cuts his hair, and I do mean cuts it.....

Now I think he is extremely handsome with long hair or short
but these are the only photos I could get before he started say saying,
Mom.... I am going to delete your pictures if you do not stop!
So you will have to wait until a later posts to see the finished product.

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TheGaffords said...

Wow! Can't wait to see the finished product!


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