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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Summer is officially over

Kids went back to school- mom is sad- but it does not slow down, every one has either practice and/or a game this week- some have both, I go back to work at the orchard and already subbed at the school the first day! Peach festival was crazy good but when do I get to regroup- today's post is short and sweet and I hope top get you caught up with pictures soon (Andy got me a card reader for my camera, but I have not got it out of the package yet, therefor I do not know how to use it and do not have the time to read the directions yet:) so as soon as I do you will know it. I have 45 minutes till I have to be at the middle school so I will chat with you soon......gotta run!

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Russ and Karla Patterson said...

Always loved the first days of school each year - not so much to get rid of the kids (although a few minutes of quiet time was surely appreciated in those days!)
but to enjoy in their excitement for all the new possibilities for the year!


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