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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Today's wordless Wednesday is a bit different as I am at a loss for words-

last night Zach had his first of three classes in what is considered segment two of drivers training~ I have had mixed emotions of this time all summer. He has already completed seg. 1 and has more than 50 hours of driving time in with his parents and thus is eligible for seg. 2, then next month he will be eligible to take his drivers test....

This morning a Romeo High school, 12th grade, female, student was killed in a car accident at 31 mile and campground, just a mile away from her school. Several other students were injured. How do we deal with this as a community? as a body of students? parents of young drivers? parents in general- just sending our kids off to another day of school? How do I let my 16 year and 4th month old, want to be student driver, 1. drive with others, 2. drive his brothers, 3, drive period? What a roller coaster today has been. please pray for Romeo High school, the community, those involved, families~ I surely do not have the words and for certain do not know how you make it with out JESUS.


Russ and Karla Patterson said...

Thoughts and prayers go to all the families affected by this terrible accident.

A parents nightmare.

It is hard to let your kids grow up and get out - but then you realize that they are not really yours - they are just on loan from God.

Hugs and Prayers to all.

Doreen said...

We heard the terrible news today and are praying. I always said Mi was crazy with the driving age. NJ is so strict with their driving laws and I am so grateful. Peter hasn't even started yet. Then they can only have 1 other person in the car with them till they are 18. Talk to you soon my friend.


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