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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Road to Pinckney

The 8th graderes went undefeated and won the opportunity to go to Pinckney! An 8th grade tournament that their coach said at the begining of the year he would only take them if they went undefeated. you can find their scores on the left of the screen under Aarons basketball season. Anyway~ Pinckney is officially on for RMS and we depart the 14th of March

A couple of shots of Aaron warming up, then a team shot in front of the Road to Pinckney banner, then I forgot to change the setting and wanted one of Aaron alone in front of the banner but you have to see it in video form however he is not moving or saying anything worthy of a video, remeber a few posts ago I said I was still learning how to use it. This is one of those examples.

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