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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dear Editor

Dear Editor and the Community I now call home, Romeo~

With all the attention on the Romeo school board lately I have been thinking…..
Did you know Webster’s defines community as …
A unified body of individuals: as a: state, commonwealth b: the people with common interests living in a particular area

Imagine all the Community with common interests. Imagine the talent, the gifting and the creativity we possess as a community. Now imagine the things we could do if we were all unified as one. If we tapped into the dreams and the visions for Romeo Community schools as one body who all believed in a common goal!

In the fall I was part of a team of adults along with some peer mediators from Romeo High school who took part in Challenge Day~Defined as this on their website~
Imagine a world where every child feels safe, loved and Celebrated!
Realize you can be the change you wish to see in the world!
The Challenge Day program is designed to help stop the violence and alienation that youth face every day. We don't believe that young people feel isolated due to a lack of people around them. Rather, they feel isolated because of a lack of connection with them. Our program tears down the walls of separation, creates connection and support among participants, and inspires people to live in an environment of compassion, acceptance and respect.
Challenge Day: A one-day workshop where youth, teachers, parents, administrators, counselors and members of the community experience for themselves that love and connection are indeed possible in our schools (and in our community)
Challenge Day believes that separation, isolation and loneliness are the root cause of a wide range of teen and adult issues alike such as teasing, bullying, stereotyping, racism, violence, suicide, sexism, and the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. By promoting self-acceptance and respect for others, Challenge Day ignites passions and inspires them to become positive forces in their schools and communities.

How can we expect for our students to “Be the Change” if we can not model it?
The good new is, it is not to late! I want to be a part of a group of people who will help My Community through the maze of challenges and opportunities that await it but we must appreciate our past if we are to reap the benefits of the future. Instead of criticizing we must come along side…. It is tough to be a leader and not always very glamorous~ did you know Romeo community schools has fantastic leaders? We may not always agree, but that does not make them any less great leaders-leaders are not called to be popular only to be obedient to the task at hand. As a substitute lunch mom I have been spending some time at RMS, (some of the best school leaders are in the midst of RMS); this is proven by the following statistics~ did you know that as of the February newsletter… An average of 61% of our students made the Honor Roll during RMS’s second marking period? I find that Fabulous! 61% of our 8th grade, 57% of our 7th grade, and 66% of our 6th grade. Those are great numbers. Did you know that at the last Character Counts assembly 464 students out of 688 students were recognized for outstanding character and received a special lunch pizza party in their honor? (I only use that school because that is what I know, where my boys attend, but I am confident other schools in our great district show good numbers too!) Did you know that some day any one of those RMS or RHS students could be President of the United States, Governor of Michigan or even sit on the School Board? Think about it~ it is possible~ maybe not tomorrow but someday. Right now our students are looking to us to lead, they are reading us, our lives, our letters- what does your life say? Your letter?

I want to lead with integrity~ with passion and with character! Will you join me?

Just a Mom,

Joelle Mabey

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