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Friday, June 09, 2006

Soccer trophy's

As another soccer season comes to and end, the highlight is the TROPHY'S. Now I am not sure about your kids but mine will come home, but the trophy on the shelf, stand back and look at it for a few minutes, begin to count the trophy's combined, feel pretty proud of themselves for a time being and then just like that the moment is gone. I am sure today will be no exception. Well maybe Micah will feel a little different this year.

He received 2 trophy's. You see he played for his team here in the green, name: green thunder, his team did very well they were 1-10-1 < href="">
loss, 10 wins and 1 tie, it should be anyway, then he played on Noahs team and was coached by his dad. See in the fall Noahs team was a little short on the players and by Spring, baseball season hit and they were down even more players. Micah being the athlete that he is jumped right in to help rescue the team. So come the end of the season he received a trophy for the gray team as well. Not bad for a days worth of soccer.

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