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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Another year older means we are another year close to having no children and all teenagers! Micah turned 10! Yep- hit the double digits! HE could hardly wait. It is especially tough cause Noah's birthday is two days before his. We celebrated separately however since they were two BIG birthdays. Today Micah had about 10 friends )makes sense right?) we had the big Jupiter jump and some karaoke going on, even the little ones got into it. some of them had great voices- put the grown ups to shame:) we had cake and ice cream and a huge bonfire, even a football game going on, thanks to Aaron and his 9th grade football team who were here to help us celebrate! Micah has been into this webkins thing lately and he had a huge webkins gift supply from his little friends:) I think he was very happy. His best friend Scott spent the night so it is like a never ending party..Tuesday Noah had his friends sleep over but they stayed into the day the following morning and last night Micah's party and his friend spending the night I am wondering does it ever end? yet at the same time not wanting it to! Summer has been an exciting time for us but it is slowly coming to a close- Micah's birthday marks the end for me~ it is kinda sad too 10 years old? where do the years go? Micah will be heading off to 4th grade this year and he told me a few weeks ago, I would not be able to hold his hand anymore cause we was not a baby any more, he was ten! Where did he get that from. It is true, he is not a baby but I still want to hold his hand- I will let yo know how that goes in the end. Maybe let him absorb the whole ten years old thing and he will get over it- it is not like I am kissing him good bye in the parking lot at school in front of his friends: aren't they funny?


Halls said...

They are funny and they grow up so fast. Treasure those moments. I can't wait till mine hits about 21-25 again where he wants to be with his parents again. It is heart breaking when they start separating but I know it is just a phase.

Doreen said...

I am thankful that Matt still holds my hand and will always be my baby....I don't care how old he is! (lol)! Where do the years go is right!!!

Russ and Karla Patterson said...

Happy Birthday Micah!!


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