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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas eve 2007

Silent night, Holy Night all is calm all is bright....Sounds like Christmas eve at your house? Not mine! at least not this year.
In a house full of boys two of them being teenagers it is still a time of simmering excitement. The day is almost here! The house has been decorated, the presents have been wrapped- well almost, We have been to church- this year Kensington Troy campus was the church of choice, we have read the Christmas story. Now all that is left is to climb into bed and drift off to a peaceful sleep and wait for morning.
But sleep that is the problem! Who can sleep on such a night?
I remember well trying to sleep as a child, that last minute drink of water or questions or something we forgot to say during the previous 24 hours.......It must have been a trial for my mom with just the two of us- I HAVE one point we even resorted to opening one present on Christmas eve as a little preview to what was to come, (I am not sure it ever worked then- but it is a tradition I still carry and it still does not work today:))
Today Matt and I relish our shut eye -we finally fall into our beds about 1:30 am but we still tend to wake a bit sleep deprived our boys no less hyper than my brother Acey wake us at 6:45AM yet we don't seem to mind a little Christmas insomnia, it reminds me there was little sleeping done that first Christmas eve.
After all a woman was having a baby- hardly conducive to sleeping even with an epidural:) Surely Joseph was pacing- then later the Shepard's stirring about, animals baaing and mooing ......Surely everyone was to keyed up to sleep!
and yet there was peace....just as there is peace on this Christmas eve when every "mouse keeps stirring and wont go to bed for Santa to come"Amid all the noise and the hubbub of Christmas eve comes the shining moment of wide awake yet perfect peace. The peace of knowing that good news has come to earth. The peace of knowing that all is truly well, the light has shined in the darkness, that Christmas comes weather or not we get to bed at a decent hour. Sleep or no sleep it is truly a heavenly peace.

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