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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas changes everything

Have you ever noticed how a change in light can transform the world around you? You see it especially at this season, indoors and out. Look around you. Ordinary houses and yards emerged as illuminated wonderlands. Downtown lights become decorative sentinels. Strings of white lights wink on porches and dip from eves, while colored lights cast multi hued reflections off snowy sidewalks, candles glow in windows. No wonder people drive around just to see the sights even though we have seen them millions of times during the previous 11 months. Everything look completely different when the Christmas lights are on.....even indoors houses have been transformed.

In our own home Micah stares with wonder at the difference. Tiny lights twinkle on the trees and above the windows the mantel and the book shelves. Tree lights casting a glow o the ceiling and the walls Candles glow on stove tops, bathroom sinks and in the Windows. Fire light dances on the hearth.

Our world seems somehow warmer, more beautiful, more joyful when the house is lit for Christmas, dust disappears, "kid proof, battered furniture looks new again, even the clutter of four children and two adults living under one roof seems lovely instead of annoying. to me the whole process is captivating...... to me it brings the reminder that the light of Christmas is suppose to change everything. The light of the world has conquered darkness, life has overcome death. The coming of the Christ child has transformed the universe and we are just now in the process of trying to catch up.
Christmas afternoon we spend time as a family, the room looks like a gift wrap display exploded, the floor is strewn with wrapping and presents paper, ribbons and bows, the pile is high and the boys love the mess, we will pick up enough to find the floor but now is time for the afterglow.
We were new clothes we breathe the December air, we listen to the chatter of the boys about there new gifts, listen to new music, play new games , we enjoy the after glow. After we have talked to all our family, the phone stops ringing, and daily demands like laundry come to a halt. so enjoy this afterglow of Christmas choose to resist the culture a bit , leave your tree up, the lights on and take time out just to be- it is worth the effort, Savoring the after glow!

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