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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Noah.

Noah turned 12 and celebrated by having
a few of his frineds over for a bonfire and
sleepover. We had a small cake and and
raosted hotdogs over the fire- it was a lot of fun! I an not believe he is 12! I took him over to the middle school for bulldog days and enrolled him in the 6th grade, he got his class scheduale and is overall excited to be going to middle school. It is a big change for mom- he is going to play floor hockey this year, this sport is new to me so I will have to learn but am excited for him. He will be doing something his brothers have not done! He is growing up and making his own way!

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Doreen said...

Happy Birthday Noah!! Good luck in middle school!

Love, Pastor Ed, Ms. Doreen, Peter, Bri and Matthew


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