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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Guess Where?

If you guessed downtown Detroit your right!

We brought that boys to get some good books, of Matts favorite days trips.....

Of course you know he can not go downtown
with out a trip to........the pastry shop where
he wants to spend the last minutes of his life...

Now you see why........

It was then off to Ford Field
where the lions were having
their first open practice of the

at the end of the session a group of players
gathered on the fieled for a team prayer.......
I have heard of it but never saw it for myself,
neat huh?
When we came out of Ford Field we were in the
back of Tigers stadium, and the tigers were getting ready to play, we did not have tickets for this sold game but we were able get in a peak through the fence......kinda fun! maybe we can catch a game later this season.

Hart Plaza was having a soul and rib fest, so we made our way down there to get something to eat and walk along the river front, and of course what would Detroit be with out a little bit of basketball?????????

a nice way to spend a Saturday, and after 13 years we are still finding new things to due in Detroit.

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TheGaffords said...

After 3 years of living there, Comerica Park was the only place that we visited (of those you just listed. We definitely didn't get downtown enough. I think we're doing better exploring here in the twin cities...


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