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Monday, January 15, 2007


At the Dawghouse

The Bridge has launched it youth group!
In November we had 1 meeting, a sort of preview
at the Dawg house. December we had 1 meeting ,
again another preview but we had the Stand
Strength team to help us out and the plan was
in January we would begin meeting weekly.
We had about a dozen teens show up. That was
great since Sunday morning we had our first snow
of the winter........(for the first time in our 12 years
living in Macomb county M53 was shut down)
Teens enjoyed the video arcade games and a rendition
of DDR as well as hot wings, french fries, sodas,
smoothies and shakes. Then Matt rounded every one up
and gave a short little pep talk thanking them for coming
out for Crosswalk and a bit about what we would like to
see and what being a youth group means and what it
can be. Told them to bring their friends and come back
next week. We will see what the future holds. As for next
week the teens will be having a belching contest????? and we
are already looking forward to a Pistons game in February.
Please pray as we now have two new babies to Grow up ;
The Bridge and Crosswalk, yet we have every confidence
that as The Bridge grows so will Crosswalk.

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TheGaffords said...

Wow! M53 was closed? How much snow? We just used our snow blower for the first time yesterday and it was still only about 5-6 inches.


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