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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Coed dance team

last home boys game of the season the girls

varsity dance team became a coed tem.

Zach was part of that team!


TheGaffords said...

I fixed it!!! I'm so proud of myself! I found two problems.

1) When you add an outside background you have to start with a white blogger template.

2) I went through all of your html/Java gadgets and found about 4 or 5 backgrounds that had been added. I deleted them all until I could get your blog back to a basic clean white. Then I added a new background. You were having problems because your blog was confused which background it was supposed to use.

Next time you want to change your background (which may be soon since I just picked one out for you), select the gadget labeled cutestblogontheblock, delete the html code that's already there and cut and paste the new code in its place.

That ought to do it! Enjoy; I'm glad I could help!

Matt said...

Thanks Melissa~ you ROCK!


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