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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Vote for Coffee! Thanks Starbucks!

It is going to be a BUSY day!

I have to run to the polls and vote with 3 kids in tow!! Today I have Megan. Maidson and Molly cause Utica schools are closed!

I have to hit Krispy Kreme for our free doughnut and Ben & Jerry's for free ice cream.

And, althought my coffee of choice is Caribou........ I need to run by Starbucks for free coffee!
Yep, you heard right!
Starbucks is joining in the fun, and offering freebies for voters!

You will receive a free 12 oz. ( Tall ) brewed coffee ( limit one per customer ). Click here to see their advertisement.

So, as if taking part in voting for the next President of the United States isn't enough to get you up to the polls, maybe free doughnuts, ice cream and coffee will inspire you instead! :-)

gotta run.....

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