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Friday, October 31, 2008

Whew! That was hard work!

He Passed! Zach officially has a drivers license! I had to sit all the way in the back~ well i did not have to but Zach informed me if I spoke he would fail, and i didn't want him to fail on account of me( guess i did not want him to fail period~ but if he did it was not going to be because of me- he was scaring the heck out of me:) ) but was I nervous~ so was he. let me just say for the record, his brow was sweating......he kept having to wipe his forehead on his upper arm....he was so cute! Anyway after a harrowing 15 miles and 40 minutes....HE PASSED! am I glad that is over- 6 months till Aaron- :)

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Russ and Karla Patterson said...

I knew he would pass!!

And I also know that NOW is your time to begin sweating! It is written in a parents book somewhere that when your kids drive you must sweat!

He will be a very responsible driver!


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