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Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Aaron!

WOW- He is 14 years old, seems like only yesterday but a whole lot bigger, at the last appointment for a physical in August he was 5 foot 11 and 155 pounds. A far cry from the 6 pounder 21 inches I delivered

We celebrated Aaron's birthday in conjunction with all the homecoming festivities this year!
After the game most of his 8th grade football team came over for a bonfire and smores, a walk through the cornfield in our backyard((hence the baseball bat, bunch of scardy cat football players afraid to walk in the cornfield themselves)) and a sleepover- it seems Aaron has a lot of friends:) we sent out 10 invitations and 23 boys showed up plus a few girls:) the girls we promptly sent home- and Aaron had a little explaining to do as well as a little apologizing to some very sweet girls (mom just isn't ready for that yet)
The cake below was moms attempt at a brownie football cake- tasted great just did not look a whole lot like a football huh?

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