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Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

Peach Festival

Micah and Noah
on the bumper cars-
this is some spider ride-
It spins! after this ride they were done:)

I think they are like their mommy with the idea of spinning rides..... I love the roller coasters
but spinning????????
I have a picture of these two guys- Aaron and Jacob, sitting in this same spot on this day when they were like 2- the only thing that has changed is their size!
Let the parade begin...... The Romeo High school Marching band ......

always my favorite - the Bagpipers The Senior High worship band- That is Zach on the bass

They played in front of a business on main street both Saturday and Sunday night.

Jake and yes.... that is Aaron in the pink hat!
Don't ask, cause I don't know.......

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Doreen said...

We were thinking of Michigan and the Peach Festival this weekend. Can't believe the summer is over, but I am thankful...what a summer we to you soon.

Love ya,


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