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Monday, March 26, 2007

catching you up.....

Micah had a dinosaur build day at his elementary school Amanda Moore. Now not being big into the whole dinosaur day, I thought it would be wise for me to volunteer my services. I did and a good time was had by all. The dinosaur turned out to be pretty good if I must say so myself.

Then next: we had been having a leaky faucet ever since we moved in. Not having the time or the resources to fix it immediately and certainly not enough money to hire it out.....this is our feeble attempt at kitchen faucet repair. Matt did a great job, hooked up the hot water and cold water right the first time, and the sink still works today! Good job Matt!

The Romeo Dawg House where we have been having Crosswalk_ the youth ministry of the Bridge and Bridge Kids our new children's ministry, has a wall dedicated to sports teams from Romeo. Aaron's basketball team, had an outstanding season and had the privilege of signing the wall. Zach's ninth grade soccer team also had the right so the pictures show the signatures of the Mabey boys and the design in full. Enjoy!

Then the last photos are of Micah. I had a ladies Bible study one Monday night a few weeks ago. That same night our neighbors had tickets to the Pistons game. Dilemma they had 4 tickets they wanted to give us. I was already committed, but that still left us with 5 boys who wanted to go and 4 tickets. Micah lost. Matt took, Zach, Aaron and Noah to the game, Micah got dropped off with me at the coffee shop. There was also a group of men who were playing chess that night. Micah is an avid chess player so he convinced these guys to let him in.... he lost but learned allot and perhaps will show up again after he has sharpened his skills a little bit. All in All it was a learning experience and Guido gave him free cookies and juice for having to hang out with the grown ups. Thanks Guido!

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