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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"See a Need..."

Not long ago I shared with those who attend The Bridge an illustration that comes from the familiar children’s movie, “Robots”. In the movie, a inventor/tycoon has not only a successful company, but a tv show that reaches into the hearts of many, convincing them that “you can shine no matter what your made of.” There is another line that he utters throughout the movie that has stuck with me as we have started this ministry, The Bridge. The line is simple, yet profound: “See a need, fill a need.” These words point to another, an inventor/creator that saw a need, and filled the need in a most extraordinary way. This “way” is called the incarnation.
The incarnation literally means “in the flesh” and is the word we use to describe the Son of God coming as the Christ-child. Why did He come? So we could put a tree inside the house in December? So we could join the shopping craze from the day after Thanksgiving to the 24th of this month? So we can string lights, kiss under the mistletoe, drink egg nog?
Christ came for only one reason; He saw a need, and He filled that need. While the need is a universal dilemma that started from a point very soon after creation in what we call The Fall, it is more so a personal dilemma buried deep in the heart of mankind; the dilemma of sin. Focal points of the season point to peace, goodwill, and tidings of comfort and joy, but the genesis of the season came not from goodness and graces, but from hurt, hate, and hell. A baby was born who would first suckle on his mother’s breast, but ultimately would swallow whole every heart of wickedness.
In accepting a gift that fills a need in our lives, it is good to be thankful, but even better to be mindful of how we might be able to meet a need ourselves. The incarnation should surface in our lives in a spirit of need-meeting. As we come into the presence of the great Need-Meeter in our lives in the Christ-child through worship and wonderment, it should send us out into our communities as those whose hearts are open to discover needs in others’ lives, and reach to meet those needs in any way we can. If we are not need-meeters, then the incarnation is not real in our hearts. How can we have the Christ-child shine upon us, and not reflect His glory? How can we be filled, and not flow out? How can we drink from living water, and not offer others refreshment as well?
Unless you are a monk or a hermit, you will be presented with many needs over the next 24 hours as you come into contact with those around you. The question for these hours is certainly not: Are there any needs? The question of the incarnation is: Have you been changed enough to meet them? Just thinking........


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